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Have FP dishdrawer 4 years old; repair tech dismantled to learn it had internal defect causing misalignment over years so optical reader stopped working. Could only ID problem by removing all panels so was broken from beginning.

Tech fixed temporarily with twisty-tie. After 3 month dialog hassle FP supervisor Kiley (refused to give last name) stated "We will not be assisting with this product." Unacceptable to me I countered with offer to split cost since this was original defect. No they will not pay, out of warranty. Reminded her they promise "Integrity is best part of any business relationship and F-P stands behinds it's products".

She doesn't care and have a nice day ***.

Told her I would post their lousy products, service and attitude (repair with a twisty-tie?!) far and wide via Internet. So send this message on do not buy their products!

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Windsor, Connecticut, United States #760146

Had the same problem exactly except I spent 6 months trying to get them to assist.

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